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Dannii Minogue

Whenever I tell people I like Dannii Minogue, but not Kylie, I am looked at like some sort of freak. “You like Dannii? Hasn’t she just ridden in on the coat tails of her sister?”

Well, no. Both of them may have appeared in Aussie soaps, and then gone into music, but the entry point they took differed hugely. Kylie signed up with SAW, and made records like “The Locomotion” and “I Should Be So Lucky” - awful songs, which she has never apologised for and even seems to be quite proud of. It’s always been difficult to judge Kylie because of this, she has always felt like a second rate Madonna whenever she attempts to change direction.

Dannii, on the other hand, started her career by recording pop songs that were heavily indebted to disco and dance music, and as such, her records always had an “oomph” factor, a groove to them that Kylie’s SAW songs didn’t. As early singles go, “Success” and “I Don’t Wanna Take This Pain” are simply far more funky and impressive than “Especially For You”, for example.

Go to the Wikipedia page for Dannii’s music career, and it’s all a bit confusing. Five studio albums, and seemingly as many compilations, but as far as her UK releases go, this doesn’t really tell the whole story.

Dannii had released her debut LP in Australia in 1990, simply titled “Dannii”, on the Mushroom label. The album would later appear in retitled, repackaged and revamped form in different countries - “Party Jam” in Japan in 1991, and “Love And Kisses” the same year on MCA in the UK. In 1992, an expanded version with bonus tracks titled “Love And Kisses And…” was released, which came in a newly coloured picture sleeve. Several singles were lifted from the album, all of which were sizeable UK chart hits.

In 1993, MCA released Dannii’s second LP, “Get Into You”, although when the title track was released as a later single, it strangely appeared on the Mushroom label. Dannii returned to the studio in 1995 to begin work on a third LP, but the sessions were abandoned. A CD’s worth of material from these sessions finally appeared in 2009 as the “1995 Sessions” album.

The relationship between Dannii and MCA had broken down, and so it was WEA she signed to next, and a “new” third album was released in 1997, “Girl”. This was an exhilarating blast of dance-pop, with MTV playing the clips from the singles on a regular basis, and doubters beginning to wonder if they had underestimated this Minogue sister after all. The three singles from the album were remixed by numerous acts, and a sizeable number of mixes were released officially across the various formats. “Heaven Can Wait” was also the subject of much remixing, but got no further than the promo stage. Dannii undertook a rare concert tour the following year.

By having her hand in the world of acting, TV and modelling, as well as music, it is perhaps no surprise that the time between musical projects was starting to increase. It was not until late 2001 that Dannii released a new single, although there had been an Australian only compilation album “The Singles” in 1998. An accompanying VHS collection, “The Videos”, was also issued at the same time, which is of interest to UK collectors as it plays on UK machines, and also includes a video for a song not released in the UK at the time, “Everlasting Night”.

“Who Do You Love Now” was credited to “Riva Featuring Dannii Minogue”, but given that Dannii’s image is on the cover, and she does all the vocals, it’s pretty much a Dannii single in all but name. It was eventually included on Dannii’s next LP, 2003’s “Neon Nights”. One of the later singles from the LP, “Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling”, was remixed in an at-the-time in vogue mash up with Madonna’s “Into The Groove”, and appeared as a B-side.

Here’s where it gets confusing. In 2004, Dannii recorded the first of several “one off” singles, which saw her - in many cases - collaborating with dance acts. These releases would appear on a annual basis, and interestingly, all used the same logo on their covers, giving them something of a ‘connection’. This run of singles started after she was asked to provide lyrics for an instrumental track by Flower Power by the label All Around The World, who would end up issuing all subsequent singles.

This 2004 release was “You Won’t Forget About Me”, issued on a variety of formats. The original Dannii-less instrumental appeared as the B-side on selected formats. In 2005, she released “Perfection” with the Soul Seekerz. Again, Dannii added vocals to what started life as an instrumental, and this original version also appeared on the flip of some of the formats.

In 2006, Dannii released “So Under Pressure” - her first single since 2003 to be released as a non-collaboration. It was recorded for Dannii’s forthcoming greatest hits album, “The Hits And Beyond” - her first such release in the UK. It included 12 singles from the first four LP’s, plus (in one form or another) the one off singles from 2004 and 2005. In addition to this, the album featured no less than five new songs in addition of "Pressure" - quite impressive for a best of release, hence the “and Beyond” tag.

In 2007, it was time for a single with Jason Nevins, and “Touch Me Like That” surfaced as the next release. Another one-off single, this - like “You Won’t…” and “…Under Pressure” - also appeared on All Around The World. In Australia, Dannii would later release an album called “Club Disco” upon which this track appeared, which followed the same vibe as “The Hits”, by including a number of new tracks alongside remixes of old ones. However, the “Club Disco” release in the UK was restricted to being a digital download, and was plugged on the inner sleeve of the CD single. Despite this, Wikipedia lists “Club Disco” as being Dannii’s fifth studio album, something which I don’t quite agree with.

Just to add to the confusion, Rhino Records released “Unleashed” in the UK instead - another oddball album including new songs and remixes of old ones. “Touch Me Like That” was missing from the album. At least half of the album consisted of new songs - lyrics were printed for these in the booklet - meaning that, since “Neon Nights”, Dannii had released a good album’s worth of new songs in the UK, but they had been spread instead over a greatest hits and remix compilation. Add to that the fact that “Club Disco” also included new material 'down under', and you can see why Dannii’s post-2003 discography is so confusing.

2007 saw expanded reissues of “Girl” and “Neon Nights”. “Unleashed” included an insert promoting these re-pressings, and the front covers of the re-releases were shown. Both of the albums were shown in new covers, but in each instance, the reissue had a booklet with the original cover photo, with the “new” sleeve appearing on an insert tucked in front. “Girl” this time was credited to “Dannii Minogue”, not “Dannii”. Each reissue included a second CD of rare and previously unissued remixes, and in each instance, the original album was slightly altered as well with different mixes of at least one track per LP being used second time around along with additional tracks as well.

In 2009, expanded reissues of “Love And Kisses” and “Get Into You” were released, again as double disc sets with a second CD of remixes. The 1992 “Love And Kisses And…” release had included a different version of “I Don’t Wanna Take This Pain”, and it was this version that made the 2009 release. The four bonus tracks from the 1992 release were replaced by four different bonuses on the 2009 edition, with the original bonus tracks appearing instead on CD2. Similarly, the extended mix of “Show You The Way To Go” that closed the original “Get Into You” was moved to CD2 to make way for unrelased bonus track material.


I have listed below what I consider to be the most important Dannii single releases. According to my records, these releases contain every B-side and remix released in the UK, but it is possible other formats of some of the earlier singles may exist - if they do, they - AFAIK - feature nothing exclusive (there is a CD Single for “Love And Kisses”, for example). For the albums, I have found it looks clearer to simply detail the original pressings, compilations and reissues as separate entities.


Love And Kisses (Remix)/(Instrumental) (7”, MCA MCS 1529)
Love And Kisses (12” Mix)/(Instrumental)/(Acapella) (12”, MCA MCST 1529)

Success (LP Version)/(Instrumental) (7”, MCA MCS 1538)
Success (LP Version)/(12”)/(Funky Tony Dub) (CD, MCA MCSTD 1538)

Jump To The Beat (Remix)/(LP Edit) (7”, MCA MCS 1556)
Jump To The Beat (12” Version)/Hallucination/Success (Funky Tony Mix) (12”, MCA MCST 1556)

Baby Love (Smoove Radio Edit)/(Album Edit) (7” in photo booklet p/s, MCA MCSB 1579)
Baby Love (Silky 70’s Edit)/(Maurice’s House Edit) (Cassette, MCA MCSC 1580)
Baby Love (Silky 70’s Mix)/(Maurice’s House Mix)/(Maurice’s Mo Dub 4 Ya Mix) (12”, MCA MCST 1580)

I Don’t Wanna Take This Pain (LP Version)/(Saxtrumental) (7” in fold out calendar sleeve, MCA MCSR 1600)
I Don’t Wanna Take This Pain (7” Version)/(12” Version)/Jump To The Beat (12” Version)/Baby Love (E Smooves 12” Mix) (CD, MCA MCSTD 1600)

Show You The Way To Go (Album Version)/(Dub) (7”, MCA MCS 1671)
Show You The Way To Go (7” Version)/Success (E-Smoove Groovy 12”)/Show You The Way To Go (Extended Version)/Success (Maurice’s Dub) (CD, MCA MCSTD 1671)

Love’s On Every Corner (7” Mix)/(7” Instrumental) (Cassette, MCA MCSC 1723)
Love’s On Every Corner (7” Mix)/(12” Mix)/(12” Bass In Your Face Dub) (CD1, MCA MCSTD 1723)
Love’s On Every Corner/Love And Kisses/Jump To The Beat/Baby Love (CD2 in unique “swimsuit” p/s, MCA MCSXD 1723)

This Is It/It’s Time To Move On (Cassette, MCA MCSC 1790)
This Is It (7” Version)/(12” Extended Version)/(Alternative 12” Mix)/(Dannii Got Murked Mix)/(Miami Heat Mix)/(One World 12” Mix)/(Acapella Version) (CD, MCA MCSTD 1790)
This Is It (Dannii Got Murked Mix)/(12” Extended Version)/(Miami Heat Mix)/(Vapor Rub Dub)/(Acapella Version) (12”, MCA MCST 1790)

This Is The Way (7 Inch Edit)/(12 Inch Version)/(The Cool 7 Inch)/(Dub Version) (CD1, MCA MCSTD 1935)
This Is The Way (7 Inch Version)/No Secret/This Is The Way (5 Boys Mix)/(Funk Mix) (CD2 in different p/s, MCA MCSXD 1935)

Get Into You (Original 7” Radio Edit)/(Hustlers Convention Disco Mix Radio Edit)/(Hustlers Convention Disco Mix)/(Arizona Club Mix)/(Hustlers Convention Disco Dub) (CD, Mushroom D11751)
Get Into You (Hustlers Convention Disco Mix)/(Hustlers Convention Disco Dub)/(Arizona Club Mix)/(Eric Kupper Dub) (12” in unique p/s, Mushroom T11751)

All I Wanna Do (Radio Version)/(Tiny Tim & The Mekon Dream Dub) (Cassette, Eternal WEA 119 C)
All I Wanna Do (Radio Version)/(12” Extended Mix)/(Trouser Enthusiasts’ Toys Of Desperation Mix)/(Xenomania Dream House Mix)/(D-Bop’s Innocent Girl Mix)/(Video) (CD1, Eternal WEA 119 CD)
All I Wanna Do (Radio Version)/(Qattara’s Mix)/(Trouser Enthusiasts’ Ultra Sensitive Dub)/(Dizzy’s Mix)/(Sharp “System” Dub) (CD2 in different p/s with poster, Eternal WEA 119 CDX)

Everything I Wanted (Radio Edit)/(Xenomania Radio Edit)/(Original Album Version)/(Xenomania 12” Mix) (CD1, Eternal WEA 137 CD)
Everything I Wanted (Trouser Enthusiasts’ Golden Delicious Mix)/(Jupiter 6 - Soul Surround Mix)/(Xenomania 12” Instrumental)/(Trouser Enthusiasts’ Liquid Silk Dub) (CD2 in different p/s with poster, Eternal WEA 137 CDX)

Disremembrance (Flexifinger’s Radio Edit)/(Xenomania Edit)/(Trouser Enthusiasts’ Radio Edit) (Cassette, Eternal WEA 153 C)
Disremembrance (Flexifinger’s Radio Edit)/(Trouser Enthusiasts’ Brittlestar Requiem Mix)/(D-Bop’s “Lost In Space” Mix)/(Sharp Rocket Remix)/(Twyce As Nyce Dub Mix) (CD1 with poster, Eternal WEA 153 CDX)
Disremembrance (Flexifinger’s Radio Edit)/(Flexifinger’s Ext. “Orchestral” Mix)/(Xenomania 12” Mix)/(Xenomania’s “Breakbeat” Mix)/(Flexifinger’s 12” Pop Mix) (CD2 in different p/s, Eternal WEA 153 CD)

Who Do You Love Now? (Radio Version)/(Moonboy Remix)/(Video) (CD, Alien Records DFCD 002, also includes version of original mix without Dannii)
Who Do You Love Now? (Extended Vocal Mix)/(Tall Paul Remix) (12”, Alien Records DFX 002, also includes version of original mix without Dannii)

Put The Needle On It (Radio Version)/(Mute8 Vocal Mix Edit)/(Cicada Vocal Mix Edit)/(Video) (CD1, London LONCD 470)
Put The Needle On It (Radio Version)/(Nevins Club Creation Edit)/(Laid’s Zoo Brazil Remix)/(Tiga’s Cookies Dub Edit) (CD2 in blue p/s, London LOCDP 470)

I Begin To Wonder (Radio Version)/Who Do You Love Now? (Riva’s Bora Bora Remix) (Cassette, London LONCS 473)
I Begin To Wonder (Radio Version)/(Krystal K Vocal Mix - CD Edit)/Hide And Seek/I Begin To Wonder (Video) (CD1, London LONCD 473)
I Begin To Wonder (Radio Version)/Album Megamix/Nervous (CD2 in different p/s, London LOCDP 473)

Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling/Don’t Wanna Lose This Groove/Goodbye Song/Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling (Video) (CD, London LONCD 478)
Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling (Stella Brown Vocal Mix)/Don’t Wanna Lose This Groove (Extended Vocal Mix)/I Begin To Wonder (DJ Bardot Remix) (12”, London LONX 478)

You Won’t Forget About Me (Radio Edit)/(LMC Remix)/(Afterlife Remix)/(Basscore Remix)/Flower Power/You Won’t Forget About Me (Kenny Hayes Remix)/(Video) (CD1, Oxyd Records CDGLOBE 379)
You Won’t Forget About Me (Radio Edit)/Flower Power (CD2 in different p/s, Oxyd Records CXGLOBE 379)
You Won’t Forget About Me (LMC Remix)/(Afterlife Remix)/Flower Power/You Won’t Forget About Me (Mike Di Scala Remix) (12”, Oxyd Records 12GLOBE 379)

Perfection (Radio Edit)/(Extended Mix)/(Dancing DJ’s Remix)/Turn Me Upside Down/Perfection (Seamus Haji & Paul Emmanuel Remix)/(Koishii & Hush Remix) (CD1, Oxyd Records CDGLOBE 483)
Perfection (Radio Edit)/I’ve Been Waiting For You (CD2 in unique p/s, Oxyd Records CXGLOBE 483)
Perfection (Extended Mix)/Turn Me Upside Down/Perfection (Moto Blanco Dub)/(Kenny Hayes Remix) (12” Picture Disc in clear sleeve, Oxyd Records 12GLOBE 483)

So Under Pressure (Radio Edit)/(Soul Seekerz Remix)/(LMC Extended Mix)/(Steve Pitron Crash Remix)/(Riffs & Rays Remix Edit)/(Thriller Jill Remix)/(Video) (CD1, All Around The World CDGLOBE 541)
So Under Pressure (Radio Edit)/Feel Like I Do (CD2 in unique p/s, All Around The World CXGLOBE 541)

Touch Me Like That (Radio Edit)/(Jason Nevins Extended Mix)/(Jack Rokka Remix)/(Soule Seekerz Club Mix)/(Stonebridge Club Mix)/(LMC Remix)/(Video) (CD, All Around The World CDGLOBE 795)
Touch Me Like That (Jason Nevins Extended Mix)/(Space Cowboy Remix)/(Soul Seekerz Dirty Dub)/(Jack Rokka Dub) (12” Picture Disc in clear sleeve, All Around The World 12GLOBE 795)


Love And Kisses (CD, MCA MCD 19340)
Love And Kisses And… (CD, MCA MCD 10496, includes different versions of “Baby Love“ and “I Don‘t Wanna Take This Pain“, plus bonus 12“ mixes)
Get Into You (CD, MCA MCD 10909)
Girl (CD, Eternal 3984 20548 2)
Neon Nights (CD, London 2564 60003 2)


The Hits And Beyond (CD, UMTV 984 0363)
Unleashed (CD, Rhino 5144 25205 2)


Girl (2xCD, Rhino 5144 25022 2. Different version of “Movin’ Up”, plus 15 extra tracks)
Neon Nights (2xCD, Rhino 5144 25021 2. Different version of “It Won’t Work Out”, plus 19 extra tracks)


Love And Kisses (2xCD, Palare PALARE 003 CD. Different version of “I Don’t Wanna Take This Pain” (taken from “Love And Kisses And…” reissue), plus 15 extra tracks)
Get Into You (2xCD, Palare PALARE 004 CD, with 16 extra tracks)
The 1995 Sessions (CD, Palara PALARE 005 CD)

Video wise, Dannii released “mini video albums” for the “Love And Kisses” and “Get Into You” albums, before the release of the full length Australian release “The Videos”. Some copies of “The Hits And Beyond” came with a free DVD, an expanded version of which was later made available separately as “The Video Collection” which includes pretty much every video up to and including “So Under Pressure”. “Touch Me Like That” is still currently only available on the original CD single.

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